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Selected Literature

Structures of ABC transporters: handle with care
Lewinson O, Orelle C, Seeger MA (2020)
FEBS Lett 594: 3799-3814

From in vitro towards in situ: structure-based investigation of ABC exporters by electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy
Bordignon E, Seeger MA, Galazzo L, Meier G (2020)
FEBS Lett 594: 3839-3856

Structural insights into the inhibition of glycine reuptake.
Shahsavar A, Stohler P, Bourenkov G, Zimmermann I, Siegrist M, Guba W, Pinard E, Sinning S, Seeger MA, Schneider TR, Dawson RJP, Nissen P (2021)
Nature 591: 677-681

The ABC exporter IrtAB imports and reduces mycobacterial siderophores.
Arnold FM, Weber MS, Gonda I, Gallenito MJ, Adenau S, Egloff P, Zimmermann I, Hutter CAJ, Hürlimann LM, Peters EE, Piel J, Meloni G, Medalia O, Seeger MA (2020)
Nature 580: 413-417

Generation of synthetic nanobodies against delicate proteins.
Zimmermann I, Egloff P, Hutter CAJ, Kuhn BT, Bräuer P, Newstead S, Dawson RJP, Geertsma ER, Seeger MA (2020)
Nat Protoc 15: 1707-1741

The structure of the Legionella response regulator LqsR reveals amino acids critical for phosphorylation and dimerization.
Hochstrasser R, Hutter CAJ, Arnold FM, Bärlocher K, Seeger MA, Hilbi H (2020)
Mol Microbiol: Online ahead of print

Spin-labeled nanobodies as protein conformational reporters for electron paramagnetic resonance in cellular membranes.
Galazzo L, Meier G, Timachi MH, Hutter CAJ, Seeger MA, Bordignon E (2020)
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 117: 2441-2448

The extracellular gate shapes the energy profile of an ABC exporter.
Hutter CAJ, Timachi MH, Hürlimann LM, Zimmermann I, Egloff P, Göddeke H, Kucher S, Štefanić S, Karttunen M, Schäfer LV, Bordignon E, Seeger MA (2019)
Nat Commun 10: 2260

Identification of conformation-selective nanobodies against the membrane protein insertase BamA by an integrated structural biology approach.
Kaur H, Hartmann JB, Jakob RP, Zahn M, Zimmermann I, Maier T, Seeger MA, Hiller S (2019)
J Biomol NMR 73: 375-384

Engineered peptide barcodes for in-depth analyses of binding protein libraries.
Egloff P, Zimmermann I, Arnold FM, Hutter CAJ, Morger D, Opitz L, Poveda L, Keserue HA, Panse C, Roschitzki B, Seeger MA (2019)
Nat Methods 16: 421-428

Structural basis for pH-dependent retrieval of ER proteins from the Golgi by the KDEL receptor.
Bräuer P, Parker JL, Gerondopoulos A, Zimmermann I, Seeger MA, Barr FA, Newstead S (2019)
Science 363: 1103-1107

Increased drug permeability of a stiffened mycobacterial outer membrane in cells lacking MFS transporter Rv1410 and lipoprotein LprG.
Hohl M, Remm S, Eskandarian HA, Dal Molin M, Arnold FM, Hürlimann LM, Krügel A, Fantner GE, Sander P, Seeger MA (2019)
Mol Microbiol 111:1263-1282

A uniform cloning platform for mycobacterial genetics and protein production.
Arnold FM, Hohl M, Remm S, Koliwer-Brandl H, Adenau S, Chusri S, Sander P, Hilbi H, Seeger MA (2018)
Sci Rep 8: 9539

Synthetic single domain antibodies for the conformational trapping of membrane proteins.
Zimmermann I, Egloff P, Hutter CA, Arnold FM, Stohler P, Bocquet N, Hug MN, Huber S, Siegrist M, Hetemann L, Gera J, Gmür S, Spies P, Gygax D, Geertsma ER, Dawson RJ, Seeger MA (2018)
Elife 7: e34317

Structural insights into Legionella RidL-Vps29 retromer subunit interaction reveal displacement of the regulator TBC1D5.
Bärlocher K, Hutter CAJ, Swart AL, Steiner B, Welin A, Hohl M, Letourneur F, Seeger MA, Hilbi H (2017)
Nat Commun 8: 1543

Split tasks of asymmetric nucleotide-binding sites in the heterodimeric ABC exporter EfrCD.
Hürlimann LM, Hohl M, Seeger MA (2017)
FEBS J 284: 1672-1687

Exploring conformational equilibria of a heterodimeric ABC transporter.
Timachi MH, Hutter CAJ, Hohl M, Assafa T, Böhm S, Mittal A, Seeger MA and Bordignon E (2017)
Elife 6: e20236

The heterodimeric ABC transporter EfrCD mediates multidrug efflux in Enterococcus faecalis.
Hürlimann LM, Corradi V, Hohl M, Bloemberg GV, Tieleman DP, Seeger MA (2016)
Antimicrob Agents Chemother: 60: 5400-5411

ABC Exporters from a Structural Perspective
Seeger MA, Bordignon E, Hohl M (2016)
Chapter ABC Transporters - 40 Years on, pp 65-84

A Transporter Motor Taken Apart: Flexibility in the Nucleotide Binding Domains of a Heterodimeric ABC Exporter.
Bukowska MA, Hohl M, Geertsma ER, Hürlimann LM, Grütter MG, and Seeger MA (2015)
Biochemistry 54: 3086–3099

Structural basis for allosteric cross-talk between the asymmetric nucleotide binding sites of a heterodimeric ABC exporter.
Hohl M, Hürlimann LM, Böhm S, Schöppe J, Grütter MG, Bordignon E, Seeger MA (2014)
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 111: 11025-11030

Tuning the drug efflux activity of an ABC transporter in vivo by in vitro selected DARPin binders.
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Asymmetry in the homodimeric ABC transporter MsbA recognized by a DARPin.
Mittal A, Böhm S, Grütter MG, Bordignon E, Seeger MA (2012)
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Crystal structure of a heterodimeric ABC transporter in its inward-facing conformation.
Hohl M, Briand M, Grütter MG, Seeger MA (2012)
Nat Struct Mol Biol 19: 395-402

Transport of drugs by the multidrug transporter AcrB involves an access and a deep binding pocket that are separated by a switch-loop.
Eicher T, Cha HJ, Seeger MA, Brandstatter L, El-Delik J, Bohnert JA, Kern WV, Verrey F, Grütter MG, Diederichs K, Pos KM (2012)
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Crucial role of Asp408 in the proton translocation pathway of multidrug transporter AcrB: evidence from site-directed mutagenesis and carbodiimide labeling.
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Molecular basis of multidrug transport by ABC transporters.
Seeger MA and van Veen HW (2009)
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Mass spectrometry of membrane transporters reveals subunit stoichiometry and interactions.
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Engineered disulfide bonds support the functional rotation mechanism of multidrug efflux pump AcrB.
Seeger MA, von Ballmoos C, Eicher T, Brandstatter L, Verrey F, Diederichs K, Pos KM (2008)
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Structural asymmetry of AcrB trimer suggests a peristaltic pump mechanism.
Seeger MA, Schiefner A, Eicher T, Verrey F, Diederichs K, Pos KM (2006)
Science 313: 1295-1298