Selected Literature

Apramycin overcomes the inherent lack of antimicrobial bactericidal activity in Mycobacterium abscessus
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Genotypic and phenotypic analyses of aac(3) aminoglycoside-resistance gene diversity point to three distinct phenotypes of contemporary clinical relevance
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J Glob Antimicrob Resist: Online ahead of print

Antibacterial activity of apramycin at acidic pH warrants wide therapeutic window in the treatment of complicated urinary tract infections and acute pyelonephritis
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Antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of respiratory Gram-negative bacterial isolates from COVID-19 patients in Switzerland
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Modelinformed drug development for antimicrobials: translational PK and PK/PD modeling to predict an efficacious human dose for apramycin
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An advanced apralog with increased in-vitro and in-vivo activity toward Gram-negative pathogens and reduced ex-vivo cochleotoxicity
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