Preclinical profiling of novel antibacterial therapeutics

The emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance represents an increasing threat to global healthcare. The appearance of pathogens with resistance to most or all clinically approved classes of antibiotics has resulted in a dearth of treatment options in curing critical and life-threatening infections. Our research group addresses these unmet medical needs by applying a rigorous translational medicine approach thereby evaluating various opportunities for antibacterial intervention. Our research activities encompass classical target discovery as much as a comprehensive assessment of existing drug targets for rational drug design, by exploiting recent scientific advancements and novel technology platforms to leverage on a more detailed scientific understanding of specific mechanisms of action.

Past research and development efforts by both Academia and Pharma have given rise to promising strategies that were not considered competitive at their time of discovery due to market saturation, and bacterial drug resistance being of little concern at that time. Combining our knowledge about some of these previously validated “historic leads”, with the vast progress in scientific understanding that has been made ever since, our group succeeded in the rational design of various proprietary leads that are currently under early to mid-stage preclinical evaluation.

Our bench-to-bedside driven approach comprises rigorous protection of intellectual property, rapid progression to proof of concept, and transparent communication of results contributing to the various global efforts to accelerate antibacterial drug discovery. We aim to increase the value and mitigate the risk for new therapeutic discoveries, which will contribute to and accelerate the economic incentive ultimately required to bring novel treatment options to the market.