Research Group Hobbie

Members and General Information


  1. Sven N. Hobbie, Ph.D., principal investigator
  2. Erik C. Böttger, M.D., co-investigator
  3. Katja Becker, Ph.D., postdoctoral research associate
  4. Michel Plattner, Ph.D, postdoctoral research associate
  5. Klara Haldimann, research associate
  6. Marina Gysin, research associate
  7. Tanja Viloria, Senior Research Assistant


  • D. Crich, Detroit (USA)
  • A. Vasella, Zurich (Switzerland)
  • J. Schacht, Michigan (USA)
  • Y. Polikanov, Chicago (USA)
  • J. Teo, Singapore (Singapore)
  • E. Liepins, Riga (Latvia)
  • C. Vingsbo-Lundberg, Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • D. Ordway, Fort Collins (USA)
  • T. Hiltke, Bethesda (USA)
  • Ramanuj Lahiri, Baton Rouge (USA)

Supported by

Innovative Medicines Initiative, Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), University of Zurich

Contact and further information

Sven N. Hobbie, Ph.D.

Selected Literature