Selected Literature

Mutant MRPS5 affects mitoribosomal accuracy and confers stress-related behavioral alterations.
Akbergenov R, Duscha S, Fritz A-K, Juskeviciene R, Oishi N, Schmitt K, Shcherbakov D, Teo Y, Boukari H, Freihofer P, Isnard-Petit P, Oettinghaus B, Frank S, Thiam K, Rehrauer H, Westhof E, Schacht J, Eckert A, Wolfer D, Böttger EC (2018)
EMBO Rep: Epub ahead of print

Effects of the 1- N-(4-amino-2 S-hydroxybutyryl) and 6'- N-(2-hydroxyethyl) substituents on ribosomal selectivity, cochleotoxicity, and antibacterial activity in the sisomicin class of aminoglycoside antibiotics.
Sonousi A, Sarpe VA, Brilkova M, Schacht J, Vasella A, Böttger EC, Crich D (2018)
ACS Infect Dis 4: 1114-1120

Structure-based design and synthesis of apramycin-paromomycin analogues. Importance of the configuration at the 6′-position and differences between the 6′-amino and hydroxy series.
Mandhapati AR, Yang G, Kato T, Shcherbakov D, Hobbie SN, Vasella A, Böttger EC, Crich D (2017)
J Am Chem Soc 139: 14611-14619  

Development of a novel lead that targets M. tuberculosis polyketide synthase 13.
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Cell 170: 249-259

N6’, N6’’’ and O4' modifications to neomycin affect ribosomal selectivity without compromising antibacterial activity.
Sati G, Scherbakov D, Hobbie S, Vasella A, Böttger EC, Crich D (2017)
ACS Infect Dis 3: 368-377

Structure-activity relationships of spectinamide antituberculosis agents; a dissection of ribosomal inhibition and native efflux avoidance contributions.
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ACS Infect Dis 3: 72-88

Non-mutational compensation of the fitness cost of antibiotic resistance in mycobacteria by overexpression of tlyA rRNA methylase.
Freihofer P, Akbergenov R, Teo Y, Juskeviciene R, Anderson DI, Böttger EC (2016)
RNA: 22: 1836-1843

Aminomethyl spectinomycins as novel therapeutics for drug resistant respiratory tract and sexually transmitted bacterial infections.
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XBP1 mitigates aminoglycoside-induced endoplasmic reticulum stress and neuronal cell death.
Oishi N, Duscha S, Boukari H, Meyer M, Xie J, Wei G, Roschitzki B, Böttger EC, Schacht J (2015)
Cell Death and Disease 6: e1763

Influence of 4'-O-glycoside constitution and configuration on ribosomal selectivity of paromomycin.
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Identification and evaluation of improved 4’-O-(alkyl) 4,5-disubstituted 2-deoxystreptamines as next generation aminoglycoside antibiotics.
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mBio 5: e01827-14

4’-O-substitutions determine selectivity of aminoglycoside antibiotics.
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