Dr. Pascal Egloff

Dr. Pascal Egloff

Leader NestLink platform

Tel.: +41 44 634 59 86



Curriculum vitae

Education and working experience
2009-2014 PhD Student, Department of Biochemistry, University of Zurich (Prof. A. Plückthun)
2013 Guest Scientist, Department of Biological Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology, Harvard University (Prof. G. Wagner)
2008-2009 Master’s Thesis, Department of Structural Biology, Stanford University (Prof W. I. Weis)
2004-2009 Undergraduate and Master Studies of Biology, Biophysics and Structural Biology, ETH Zurich
2002-2004 Kantonsschule Baden
1999–2002 Wirtschaftsdiplomschule Baden

Research interests

  • In vitro display technologies for the selection of binding-proteins against membrane protein targets.
  • Structure and dynamics of G protein-coupled receptors.
  • Macromolecular X-ray crystallography.
  • Directed evolution of proteins.


Research grants

  •  SNSF BRIDGE proof of concept grant 


Engineered peptide barcodes for in-depth analyses of binding protein libraries.
Egloff P, Zimmermann I, Arnold FM, Hutter CAJ, Morger D, Opitz L, Poveda L, Keserue HA, Panse C, Roschitzki B, Seeger MA (2019)
Nat Methods 16: 421-428

Synthetic single domain antibodies for the conformational trapping of membrane proteins.
Zimmermann I, Egloff P, Hutter CA, Arnold FM, Stohler P, Bocquet N, Hug MN, Huber S, Siegrist M, Hetemann L, Gera J, Gmür S, Spies P, Gygax D, Geertsma ER, Dawson RJ, Seeger MA (2018)
Elife 7: e34317

Conformational dynamics of a G-protein alpha subunit is tightly regulated by nucleotide binding.
Goricanec D, Stehle R, Egloff P, Grigoriu S, Plückthun A, Wagner G, Hagn F (2016)
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 113: E3629-3638

Directed evolution of G protein-coupled receptors in yeast for higher functional production in eukaryotic expression hosts.
Schütz M, Schöppe J, Sedlák E, Hillenbrand M, Nagy-Davidescu G, Ehrenmann J, Klenk C, Egloff P, Kummer L, Plückthun A (2016)
Sci Rep 6: 21508

Structure of signaling-competent neurotensin receptor 1 obtained by directed evolution in E. coli
Egloff P., Hillenbrand M., Klenk C., Batyuk A., Heine P., Balada S., Schlinkmann K. M., Scott D.J., Schütz M., Plückthun A. (2014)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Science

Generation of disposable ligand columns for rapid purifications of large quantities of homogeneous and functional G protein-coupled receptors.
Egloff P., De Luigi M., Heine P., Balada S. Plückthun A. (2014)
Protein Expression and Purification

Improving the apo-state detergent stability of NTS1 with CHESS for pharmacological and structural studies.
Scott D.J., Kummer L., Egloff P., Bathgate R.A., Plückthun A (2014).
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta

Plasticity of the β-trefoil protein fold in the recognition and control of invertebrate predators and parasites by a fungal defence system
Schubert M., Bleuler-Martinez S., Butschi A., Wälti M.A., Egloff P., Stutz K., Yan S., Collot M., Mallet J.M., Wilson I.B., Hengartner M.O., Aebi M., Allain F.H., Künzler M. (2012)
PLoS Pathogens