Omnipresence of Language Data

Due to the omnipresence of language data, a degree in "Computational Linguistics and Language Technology" or in "Digital Linguistics" is useful for almost every research area, for example information science, languages, political science, communication science, history, business science, law, but also for specialized areas of biology and geography.

Computational Linguistics and Phonetics

The Department of Computational Linguistics teaches two different subjects: Computational Linguistics and Phonetics.

The following programs are offered for Computational Linguistics:

  • Bachelor: Major 120 ECTS & Minor 60 ECTS
  • Master: Major 90 ECTS & Minor 30 ECTS

Furthermore, there is "Digital Linguistics" as a minor (without previous knowledge) or as a focus within the Monomaster Linguistics.

Phonetics is offered as a focus within the new Monomaster Linguistics (120 ETCS). In addition, there is a wide range of courses on offer both at Bachelor's and Master's level.