Lunch Meeting



Our lab meeting will be held online via Zoom from Oct. 27 2020 until further notice. Write a mail to Sandra Schwab to receive the Zoom link.


Each week during term time - irregularly also outside terms - we have a group meeting on Tuesdays from 12:15 to 13:45 in room AND-2-44 (Andreastrasse 15, 8050 Zürich) and via Zoom. During this meeting we discuss the latest news relevant for our lab and our research. This is followed by a short presentation by one of the group members on a topic of his/her choice. Such a presentation can be the discussion of a interesting paper or the demonstration of own research results. Sometimes we also invite guest speakers.

Everybody who is interested in our phonetics group is welcome!

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In the Fall term 2020 we have the following presentations:

Date Speaker & Topic
15.09.2020 No lunch meeting

Organization of next sessions


No lunch meeting. Replaced by GRC workshop on current advances in neurolinguistics – oscillations, language & the brain


No lunch meeting


No lunch meeting. Replaced by Phonetics Catch-up Day (Oct. 12)


Marie-Anne Morand
Successive and simultaneous variety acquisition: implications for phonological and lexical processing


Valeriia Perepelytsia
Talker familiarity effect and speech envelope tracking
03.11.2020 Claudia Roswandowitz
Speaker individuality and speech intelligibility in state-of-the-art artificial voices


Thayabaran Kathiresan
Forensic Analysis of Deepfake voices with humans and machine perception


Daniel Friedrichs
Applications of functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) in speech and hearing sciences


Elisa Pellegrino

Testing the role of timbre and prosody in speaker discrimination using Voice Conversion.
01.12.2020 Raphael Schmitt
Age-related hearing loss: Cortical processes and possible interventions


Alejandra Pesantez
Individual differences in learning English as a foreign: A longitudinal study about vowel production
15.12.2020 Maria Kliesch

New Languages and Old Brains: An Update