Research Group Böttger

Members and General Information


  1. Erik C. Böttger, M.D., principal investigator
  2. Dimitri Scherbakov, Ph.D., senior research scientist
  3. Rashid Akbergenov, Ph.D, senior research scientist
  4. Pietro W. Freihofer, Ph.D. student, University of Zurich
  5. Reda Juskeviciene, Ph.D. student, University of Zurich
  6. Youjin Teo, Ph.D. student, University of Zurich
  7. Margarita Brilkova, Ph.D. student, University of Zurich
  8. Adrián Cortés, Ph.D. student, University of Zurich


  • D. Crich, Detroit (USA)
  • J. Schacht, Michigan (USA)
  • R. Lee, Memphis (USA)
  • V. Ramakrishnan, Cambridge (England)
  • A. Vasella, Zurich (Switzerland)
  • A. Lenaerts, Colorado (USA)
  • D. Wilson, Munich (Germany)
  • E. Westhof, Strassbourg (France)
  • A. Yonath, Rehovot (Israel)
Structural model of the ribosomal A-site: Erik C. Böttger (left), Dimitri Shcherbakov and Rashid Akbergenov (right) discussing the mode of action of aminoglycoside antibiotics


Supported by

Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), European Commission, National Institutes of Health (USA), University of Zurich

Contact and further information

Erik C. Böttger, M.D.

Dimitri Scherbakov, Dr. rer. nat.

Positions open

Highly motivated individuals with an interest in the topics of our research and a background in Molecular/Cellular Biology, Structure Biology, Systems Biology, Biochemistry or a related area are invited to apply for a Master or PhD project.

Selected Literature